green touch awareness


Green Touch Awareness, Inc., a Florida corporation, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Direct Equity International, Inc. (OTC:DEQI). Green Touch Awareness – also known as “GTA” – owns the world’s largest collection of Hemp, CBD and Cannabis related domain names – currently over 7,500.

Along with the continued development and implementation of our own internet properties and projects, Green Touch Awareness specializes in Brand Management and Digital Presence – and we offer business services to public and private Hemp and Cannabis companies in the form of: consulting, conceptualization, development and ongoing management of digital tasks and assets, marketing and promotional campaigns, company and product branding, web development and other digital development services.

Elias Tobias, Green Touch Awareness founder and CEO, has over 25 years’ experience in marketing, promotions, retail services, event production and digital asset management. When it comes to domain names, Eli started growing his collection years ago – and with over 13,000 niche, top-tier domain names under his control – Green Touch Awareness and its partners all benefit from the traffic and recognition created by this unique, industry-dominating digital funnel.

Besides owning the largest collection of Marijuana, Hemp, CBD and Healthy Living domain names on Earth, Green Touch Awareness also excels in the world of social media. With over 500 fan pages and over 2,000,000 followers, GTA has built (since MySpace!) an online army of advocates, activists, associations, professionals, businesses and consumers across the globe. Capable of reaching over 3,000,000 views per month -and much more – the Green Touch Awareness social media machine is a powerful marketing tool that is unmatched by our competitors and peerless in our industries.


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