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Direct Equity International, Inc. (OTC:DEQI) is a US publicly traded company focused on the global Hemp, CBD, Cannabis, Healthy Living and Green Energy Industries FAQ Contact us

DEQI Business Operations

At Direct Equity International, Inc (OTC:DEQI) we are focused on developing both B2B and B2C brands, products and services for a myriad of business and consumer uses worldwide.

Our Story

What Makes Us Different

Direct Equity International, Inc (OTC:DEQI) is different because when it comes to competition in the Public Cannabis Company Space, we are nearly alone – and we provide the most valuable business service… one that EVERY business needs.

We are not a grow operation subject to the many downsides those operations routinely face. We are not a retail dispensary subject to the whims and mandates of local government or to the fickle nature of in-person shoppers. We are not a product manufacturer and therefore don’t face the challenges of producing, packaging, marketing and distributing goods that are constantly fighting for shelf space in dispensaries.

What Makes Us Special

Our main subsidiary, Green Touch Awareness, Inc (GTA), is an accomplished and experienced Hemp and Cannabis Marketing and Branding company that owns the WORLD’S LARGEST COLLECTION of Hemp, CBD, Cannabis and Healthy Living domain names (7,500 and counting!).

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Investor Overview

Direct Equity International, Inc is a Nevada corporation trading on the OTC Markets under the symbol DEQI.

Accredited and non-accredited investors alike are welcome to invest in $DEQI via real-world full-service brokerages.

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